City Contacts

Administration 731-968-6657
Animal Control 731-968-6666
Board of Education 731-967-5592
City Court 731-968-6666
Crime Stoppers 731-968-8477
Electric System 731-968-3662
Fire Department 731-968-8219
Gas System 731-968-2917
Landfill 731-967-0322
Housing Authority 731-968-7506
Mayor's Office 731-968-6657
Police Department 731-968-6666
Parks and Recreation 731-968-5338
Swimming Pool 731-968-4808
Street Department 731-968-7091
Waste Water System 731-968-5213
Waste Water Treatment 731-968-4250
Water System 731-968-5213

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2013-2014 Budgets

Wednesday, June 26, 2013 @ 03:06 PM
posted by lexadminwp

General Funds Budget - NO Tax Increase

Gas System Budget – NO Rate Increase

Water System Budget – NO Rate Increase

Lexington Electric System – NO Rate Increase, 1 dollar per month increase in customer service charge


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