City Contacts

Administration 731-968-6657
Animal Control 731-968-6666
Board of Education 731-967-5592
City Court 731-968-6666
Crime Stoppers 731-968-8477
Electric System 731-968-3662
Fire Department 731-968-8219
Gas System 731-968-2917
Landfill 731-967-0322
Housing Authority 731-968-7506
Mayor's Office 731-968-6657
Police Department 731-968-6666
Parks and Recreation 731-968-5338
Swimming Pool 731-968-4808
Street Department 731-968-7091
Waste Water System 731-968-5213
Waste Water Treatment 731-968-4250
Water System 731-968-5213

Mayor’s Office

Mayor David Jowers
33 First Street
P.O. Box 1699
Lexington , TN 38351

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Office: 731-968-6657
Fax: 731-968-3238

The Mayor shall be the Chief Executive Officer of the City and shall have supervision of all City affairs; require such reports from the officers and employees of the City as he may reasonably deem necessary to carry out his or her executive responsibilities; preside at all meetings of the Board, unless absent in which event the Vice-Mayor shall preside; be responsible for the execution of the laws or ordinances of the City and have such other authority and perform such other duties as the Board may from time to time prescribe; execute all contracts as authorized by the Board; communicate information needed and recommend measures to the Board to expedite the business of the City; call special meetings of the Board upon adequate notice to the Board and public; state the matters to be considered at the special meetings and the action of the board shall be limited to those matters submitted; make appointments to boards and commissions as authorized by law; submit the annual budgets of the City to the Board for their adoption by ordinance; and, perform such other duties as may be designated or required by the Board.