City Contacts

Administration 731-968-6657
Animal Control 731-968-6666
Board of Education 731-967-5592
City Court 731-968-6666
Crime Stoppers 731-968-8477
Electric System 731-968-3662
Fire Department 731-968-8219
Gas System 731-968-2917
Landfill 731-967-0322
Housing Authority 731-968-7506
Mayor's Office 731-968-6657
Police Department 731-968-6666
Parks and Recreation 731-968-5338
Swimming Pool 731-968-4808
Street Department 731-968-7091
Waste Water System 731-968-5213
Waste Water Treatment 731-968-4250
Water System 731-968-5213

Water Department

Water-Gas Department

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Lexington Gas System
Michael Harper (General Manager)
54 Monroe Street
Lexington, TN 38351

Lexington secures its water as a city system from Beech Lake. The filter plant allows filtration of 5.5 million gallons daily. Average use is 3,200,000 gallons per day. There are approximately 20,000 users on the city system.

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Application for Utility Bill Adjustment

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Lexington Water System 2012 Audit

Lexington Water System Quality Report 2012

Water Adjustment Policy